Turbo Slap (Limited Edition)

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Limited Edition!

This Sticker is 4" x 3.5"

If you’re checking out this sticker you probably have one bad mamba jamba of a turbo under the hood. One known to whistle at the ladies as you cruise through parking lots in first gear nice and slow but keeping that boost pressure way up only to slam the blow-off valve when the opportunity arises to show off to onlookers. Your turbo sounds bad and you and everyone else knows it. Well, most do. 
But what happens when your car is parked, static, unattended, and doing nothing but looking pretty? How is anyone gonna know you’re as boosted out as they come? Luckily there’s a solution and it’s as simple as slapping this sticker in place of that JDM one that’s been given you only moderate street cred. When people see this they’ll imagine the sweet audible bliss of pure boost coming from your turbo. Worry no more, they’ll know.